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Our 22 oz size blood is a perfect size and shape for a controlled blood poor or add on our spray nozzle for a perfect blood spray. Our blood is thick so we recommend you to add a little water at your own discretion for your spraying blood. A little water goes a long way. Remember to refrigerate and shake before use for long lasting quality. The color is a perfect mix of light and dark blood which stays  slightly flexible when drying on skin which keeps blood drips from breaking or chipping. Our blood  dries with a slight red/brown color on tissue and materials for a realistic quality. You can also use this product with water without fear of pink undertones going down the drain.


    This is a 22 ounce  oval spray bottle of CINE BLOOD: TYPE O. It comes with a back cap. Spray nozzle is sold seperately


    At this time we do not offer return or refunds for any products that have been opened. If you have ordered the wrong amount, we will work with you to ensure you have what you need


    Our shipping costs are calculated and offered at a low rate. Due to the weight of some of our products we can offer a local pick up location to our customers based in New York City.

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