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How to use:

Cine Blood: Type O has many uses. It was designed to have the ability for every possible use including; blood splatter on a wall,  gun shot squib,  blood gash on someone's face that's dripping into the mouth and more.


Here is a quick HOW TO, to get the most out of the product for your specific use.

Fx Makeup and FX uses:

For FX Makeup usage: You can use AS IS and the blood WILL NOT STAIN SKIN. It's great for large wounds and dripping blood. It's also great as a fresh arterial looking  blood that has a soft hold and dries with a natural color. Not recommended for ingestion by anyone with food allergies and or food restrictions. For any concerns please notify the company before consuming. Discuss with the company your specific needs and follow refrigeration and allergy specifications. Use at your own risk. Feel free to add a little bit of water for a more flowing blood. We recommend you do that for any and all blood squibs. For multiple days use, Keep the bottle out of direct sunlight and remember to refrigerate when ever possible. Refrigerating the blood will help you keep the product for years!!! Shake before use.

For visual tests of the product, check out @cinebloodtypeo on instagram

Wardrobe Use:

Cine Blood: Type O is great for quick clean up. All FX blood tends to stain and only allow for single take usage, however CINE BLOOD: TYPE O makes it easier to get the blood out of clothing for another take. For best results for most materials, we recommend hot water and a lathered bar of soap. Rinse and  repeat as necessary. After washing it will be safe to put in the washer and dryer if needed. For any further questions please contact for further advice. Keep blood refrigerated whenever possible for best results and long lasting use. Adding water to the blood is NOT recommended  for wardrobe use. Please do a test before use on the type of material you plan to use it on first. Use at your own risk. Not recommended on clothing that have been previously bleached in areas.

For Visual tests of the product, check out @cinebloodtypeo on instagram

Art Department Use:

Cine Blood: Type O is great for art department use. It has a great color and looks natural in scenes that blood mixes with water. You can even dry the blood with a hair dyer to get get a great realistic brownish red color. It will keep its thick red color for a long day of film takes.  For scenes with a bloody floor we recommend a wet paper towel for quick clean up.  See Wardrobe for clean up directions on any material items. Do a test first on any and all surfaces. Use at you own risk.

For visual tests of the product, check out @cinebloodtypeo on instagram

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